Allendale Co‑operative Society Ltd

Co-operative Membership

Why Become A Member?
  • Members are shareholders who can benefit from successful trading.
  • Members have a vote at the AGM and can make their views known.
  • Members can stand for Directorship (please see Society Rules for eligibility) and help decide the future direction of the Society.
  • Members can influence the Co-op's community policy.
  • As a member you are supporting a vital part of Allendale's economy as well as its community life.
  • Members will be entitled to exclusive offers and benefits, including our Loyalty Card.
  • Allendale Co-op is owned by its members, which entitles them to a say in its democratic control.
How Can I Make My Voice Heard?
  • Talk to the Staff if you need help or advice.
  • Contact the Manager if you feel you have comments or ideas that would benefit the Society.
  • Become a Member
  • Attend the AGM.
  • Stand for the Board of Directors (Enquire at the Office).