Allendale Co‑operative Society Ltd

Poem by Lawrence Graham 26 July 2016

Allendale Co-op
by Lawrence Graham

It’s been there for ever, since I was a boy
A shop that was clever when I needed a toy! ... Read More

Halloween 4 November 2015

Halloween 2015 (2)

Some of the staff on Halloween 2015!

Loyalty Cards 15 September 2015

Our new Loyalty Cards are now ready for collection from the office, ready for the launch on 1st October. If you have put in a late ... Read More

Suzanne's Leaving 9 September 2015

Suzanne started working at the Co-op five years ago and will be a huge miss now she is leaving to go to Uni. Suzanne’s course ... Read More

Fab 5 Fruit Promotion 16 April 2015

Our New Fab Five promotion running from 15th April through until 5th May.

Fab 5 Fruit

Stay Strong Stu 10 April 2015

Popular farmer and rugby player Stu Ridley has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour at the age of just 25. Stu's ... Read More