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Allendale Co-op Saves The Day! 14 October 2013

My daughter was making dozens of cakes for my son's wedding and decorating the cake. Lots of white chocolate ganache required, more than I had thought possible! So on Friday afternoon she ran out of white chocolate! What to do? No time to drive all the way to Hexham! But the Allendale Co-op had exactly what we needed - a whole box of white chocolate bars! 'Take the lot' said Jane in the office and bring back what you don't use!
The wedding was lovely, the cakes a huge success - we really couldn't have managed without all that extra chocolate!
And when I took the rest of the box back to the Co-op to pay for what we had used I was told 'no charge, it's a wedding present!'
I love the Allendale coop!
Kate Jackson, Langley.

Wedding Cake

Not quite the whole story! We actually didn't have any white chocolate, but Jane remembered that Ben, one of our Board members, had stocked up with the Lindt white chocolate last time it was on special. One quick phone call and Ben was on his way - so it was actually Ben who saved the day!!