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Anaphylaxis Orange Wig Day 16 May 2014

Anaphylaxis Orange Wig Day

Allendale Co-op is always a bright and cheerful place to shop, but on Friday 16th May the shop became even more colourful! All of the staff - including our General Manager Neville Pringle - donned bright orange t-shirts and wigs to raise awareness - and money - for a very good cause. 

Anaphylactic shock is brought on by a severe allergic reaction. The Anaphylaxis Campaign relies on fundraising donations to continue to support those with severe allergies. The majority of the money you raise will go toward their direct support programmes such as developing services for young people and funding their helpline.


Lenny, Amanda's son who suffers from a severe nut and peanut allergy.

Thanks to the generosity of our customers and staff we raised £365 for the Anaphylaxis Campaign.