Allendale Co‑operative Society Ltd

Farewell to James! 18 September 2013

James is leaving us to go to Lancaster University - Lucky Lancaster!


James Little has worked for us since June 2009. Initially he was taken on for casual work on Saturdays, but also worked on Thursday and Friday evenings and school holidays. James says that working at Allendale Co-op has given him a lot more confidence and he now finds it very easy and enjoyable chatting with the customers. James has always been very cheerful around the shop and this complements the rest of the staff and adds to the special atmosphere within the store. James said that he has always enjoyed his time with us, despite getting stuck with freezer duties on many occasions! 

James is to start a Business Studies and Management course at Lancaster University later this month and we all wish him the best of luck with his studies and future career. We hope he will continue to work for us during his vacations from Uni and look forward to seeing him in the future.