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Fraja Ellie Appeal 2 July 2013

Dereck Wright, our Warburtons delivery driver, has recently shaved his head for a very worthy cause:

With some help from the staff at Allendale Co-op, Dereck managed to raise £500 towards Fraja's appeal and if you check out the web link there are lots more fund raising events being held all over the UK.

Dereck had a pretty good head of hair before:       Dereck Wright (Before)

Mr Sheen makes umpteen things clean!

He will now be nice and 'cool' this 'summer'!        Mr Sheen Makes Umpteen Things Clean

        .........and polished to perfection!                    Polished To Perfection

More about Fraja.......Fraja is 5 years old, she is an amazingly happy, funny and very loving little girl. She has been diagnosed with a very aggressive and rare cancer called Neuroblastoma with MYCN amplification which places her in the very high risk category. Fraja’s Neuroblastoma is even rarer than the usual form as there are only 3% of children with her type. Even with the multi-modality therapy that she is currently receiving, there is a relatively high chance that her cancer could relapse, should this happen there is generally a very poor long-term prognosis.
Sadly, around 80% of children with Neuroblastoma will relapse, and there is currently no UK relapse protocol. However, there are options available abroad; these treatments could cost in excess of £500,000. We need to be able to send Fraja at a moment’s notice should this happen.
Currently in the UK all children are on a blind trial to whether they receive immunotherapy with an antibody on its own or with an extra drug to increase chances. If Fraja is not picked by the random computer she does not get this extra chance. So we will need to go abroad for it as it has been proven it could raise her chances by 20%. We want to give her this treatment.