Allendale Co‑operative Society Ltd

Hexham Courant - 17th July 2015 23 July 2015

"If you are not an Allendale resident you may not realise what a wonderful place Allendale is to shop.
Not only does Allendale have one of the last remaining independent Co-op stores, but also a wide range of other unique stores in the town. From the Allendale Gift Shop, selling not only gifts but a large selection of ladies clothing, through to the bargain treasures you can pick up at Crafty Allsorts.
Allendale has a thriving Post Office which offers many banking facilities alongside the postal service and the shop is well stocked with gift ideas and cards.
There are lots of lovely places to eat – Allendale Tea Rooms and the Forge Café are on two sides of the square and there is The Kings head and The Golden Lion adjacent to the Co-op. Just in case that is not enough of a selection there is also The Allendale Inn just opposite the square.
Allendale also has the Dale Salon, Your Place beauty salon and a chemist. Parking is free and the distance to any of the shops, tea rooms or pubs is minimal, making it an ideal place for people with walking difficulties.
The Allendale Co-op is the ‘Tardis’ of Tynedale – despite being a relatively small store the range of stock is quite remarkable - including a wide range of hardware goods. As Allendale Co-op is independent this means independent pricing and you may well find that prices are cheaper than other Co-ops."