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Northumbrian Pedigree Milk and Cream 3 March 2014

February saw the launch of a new product range in our store; Northumbria Pedigree Milk and cream. Both semi-skimmed and full fat milk are available and also single and double cream.

Sam 0955 

Sam 0954

Paul Baynes of Northumbrian Pedigree Milk and Cream at our taster session.

The Baynes family established the Marleycote herd at Marley Cote Walls farm near Slaley in 1932. When others were changing their breed to the Black & White we remained loyal to the breed which had served us so well over the years. The high quality milk from a prize-winning herd of Pedigree Dairy Shorthorns and Ayrshires is not homogenised, like your regular supermarket milk, so you can benefit from the cream separating...just like in the good old days! 

For more information about this new supplier please visit their own website: